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There are some excellent FAQs for garage door repair here. Responding to all your queries.

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Part of our garage door has been damaged; will I need a full replacement?

It might be possible to only replace the bottom sections of the garage door. This can depend on whether additional sections are readily available. If your model of garage door is older, it may be difficult to obtain panels which match exactly especially if it is no longer being manufactured. Garage Door Repair Temple City suggests that you compare the cost of replacing damaged sections against the cost of a replacement door with new springs and track installation included. You may find it more cost effective for a full replacement.

What size garage door do I need?

Standard models of garage door are available in a number of sizes. To determine which you require, measure the finished opening width and height. The listings of garage doors will usually show the measurements as width followed by height. If the height of your opening is bigger than standard, you may need a model of door which has additional panels. A tip from Garage Door Repair Temple City is to remember to consider your opener system. If you door is heavy or larger than a standard size, you should look for an opener with higher HP.

Are steel doors imitating wood any good?

If your family would love to get wood garage doors but they seem too expensive or too sensitive for the climate in Temple City, it's best to get steel ones that look like wood. Manufacturers put a surface of wood on top of steel and it will seem as if it is made out of wood, at a much lower price and need less garage door repair.

Which components keep the door open?

There is a combination of united forces formed by garage door springs, cables and tracks, which enable not only the opening of the door but also its capacity to rest at any height. It's thanks to the torsion spring that the door won't slide down since the roller rests at the bottom parts of the curved tracks.

How do you keep your garage doors secured?

Garage doors are used often as the home’s main entry and exit point. This makes it critical to keep them secured, according to the garage door specialists in Temple City. Aside from choosing a sturdy material, you must also use a fortified garage door lock to deter burglars.

What types of insulation are there?

Garage doors need to have proper insulation. The doors are made of steel or wood. Steel is the preferred choice, as it is affordable and is present in multiple layers which give better insulation, durability and strength. There are single, double and triple layered steel doors available. For better insulation a bottom seal to avoid drafts and weather proof seals between the door sections should be included.

How do I know my new opener is good?

Although all garage door openers available in Temple City comply with the laws about safety, it's prudent on your part to check that they have the necessary safety features. It's also best to stick with good brands, get the right garage door motors and make sure the opener is appropriate for your own garage door.

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