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Garage Door Springs

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At first glance, the springs used in garage systems do not differ from springs used for other applications. Though, Garage Door Springs are much larger and stronger. Their coils are usually close to one another and hardly separated with naked hands. They are extremely powerful so they can open the door, which weighs hundreds of pounds. The heaviest doors require torsion springs, which are mounted over the door opening and around a metal shaft connected to the cable drum. At this side, they have a winding cone and at the opposite side they have a stationary cone since they must remain still. Lightweight average doors work fine with extension springs. These are installed at the two horizontal tracks at each side of the door to counterbalance it.Garage Door Springs in Temple City

Call immediately for spring repairs

Springs work in a different way. Extension springs for garage doors stretch out when the door is closed down and keep their tension in order to use it when the door opens and the springs contract. Torsion springs wind up in order to move the door and the truth is that garage doors open mainly due to the force of springs. If overhead door springs break, the door will remain shut, since it will be too heavy to be lifted by the other components alone. In this case, Garage Door Repair Temple City sends one of its technicians as soon as possible. When there are spring issues involved, we offer an emergency garage door repair and try to be there fast.

Due to our great experience with all types of garage door springs, we know well that when you face problems, fast and effective solutions are crucial. So, we are always ready to assist you. The springs repair specialists are highly experienced at handling torsion and extension spring issues and providing same day spring adjustment. Rest assured that we balance the overhead door properly and apply the perfect tools for repairing garage springs.

Don't hesitate to report spring problems at once.

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